The feminist movement has ushered in many forms of resistance. The many waves have been reflective of a particular society’s wants, needs, attitudes, practices, and as well as its technological advancements. The 21st Century feminist movement shifted to a more digital form of activism. In a world where technology encompasses everyday life, South Sudan is yet to capitalize on it, but there is hope.

There is no doubt that digital feminism is pushing the boundaries for the fight for a more just, inclusive, and liberated society. Digital platforms have provided new sources of feminist action to take place and, at the same time, have revived the feminist movement by offering fresh and new ways for marginalized people to share information, connect and organize. Agency is a key pillar of feminism. The digitization of feminism has provided new outlets for feminists to express and employ their agency. They can take up action on their terms and in their creative ways.

It is noted that some marginalized members of society such as members of the LGBTQIA+ community and persons with disabilities can contribute to the feminist movement in its digitized form because of its inclusive nature. However, this does that mean it is fully inclusive.

Gender Talk 211 is a radical African feminist traditional and multimedia platform where South Sudanese explore and share resources, experiences, knowledge, and skills that facilitate holistic conversations on gender and sexuality. The platform intends to build a global South Sudanese feminist community, amplify South Sudanese feminist voices and contribute to South Sudanese feminist knowledge acquisition, sharing, and production to establish a digital South Sudanese feminist archive.

It is a project under Ma’Mara Sakit Village, a feminist social enterprise founded in 2020 in South Sudan. The enterprise works with and for women and girls through the provision of support for the attainment of social justice, economic liberty and sustainability, research, education, and learning. “Ma’Mara Sakit” is an Arabic phrase that loosely translates to ‘not just a woman’.