The Hidden Wounds of Violence Against Women in South Sudan

How many more bodies of dead girls and women do we want to find hanging on trees or ceilings before we put an end to Gender-Based Violence? Jumping off a building would be too dramatic. Jumping off the Juba Bridge would draw attention. Stabbing oneself would take a while. How on earth could a tired […]

How Women with Disabilities Experience GBV in South Sudan

Due to multiple intersections of identities, women and girls with disabilities are up to 10 times morel likely than women without disabilities to experience sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). This discrimination is institutional. As a deaf woman, access to education has been a challenge for me, it’s the same with other critical services such as health, employment, and […]

Let’s Get Digital: Feminism in South Sudan

In their poem, Gil Scott-Heron wrote, “The revolution will not be televised.” A lot has happened since the ’70s. In this technological era, will the revolution be digitized? Does the digitization of feminism provide a strengthening of the revolution? What does this mean for South Sudanese feminists? Feminism consists of social, economic, and political movements […]

“The Girl-Child Needs Protection” But from Whom?

I have always felt like being born female is one of the world’s wonders but in a horrible way. I am always encouraged and told I can be anything I want but how practical is that? to have a dream which is not all just a dream? When girls are snatched out of school by […]