A Junubia Girl

She dreams beyond
But maturity sets in before nature wants
She does not hold a pen for long
For she is forced to have a baby first.

My heart bleeds severely for Junubia girls
That has been sealed into cultural norms
Forced to wear a wedding dress first
Before a school uniform.

The Suffering of a Junubia Girl
Is beyond description
She does not speak for herself
For her voice is stolen by her parents and brothers.

Her potentials and abilities are less considered
She is always on auction
Ready for sale to anyone that has the wanted price
She goes through the same pain as her mothers did
And this is never seen by the naked eyes.

A Junubia girl is always constrained inside a fence
She only knows her parents’ house, borehole, and marketplace
A mobile phone is foreign to a Junubia girl
She only touches it when her mama or Papa’s phone has rung
And only out of sight.

A Junubia girl is for sale
Anybody can elope with her
And they will care about the number of cows
Her life revolves only around chores and marriage
Potential husbands should start
Asking for degrees of Junubia girls in bride price.

So that parents start worrying about the education of their daughters
Her education should be her adornment
She deserves to dream just like a man
Give her a chance and let her flourish.