A Necessary Rant: Us Against The Scores, Part 1


They came in scores and
Convinced Us that We Were Our own enemies
Convinced Us that the everything bestowed upon Us by nature was dirty
Do not discuss sex, do not mention menstruation, shave those pubes

We revolted.
Pick-mes entered the chat
They fought Us from the inside
In jubilation, the scores set up snacks and refreshments and screamed
“You see; women are their own enemies!”

The scores policed Us.
Using culture and religion
Dissected culture, compartmentalized religion
Chose what favors them and marginalized Us to death.

The scores loathe being questioned or challenged
But will question Us as We cry for help…
“How was she, why was she walking around at night, what did she do to provoke him?”
Well, if you must know sir, “My two-year-old was dressed in a onesie, Fatuma had her hijab on and Nyankiir a pair of trousers”
“My two-year old cannot speak, Fatuma was walking to the store, Nyankiir, at the lounge wanted to be left alone to party with her Girls”
Stop asking Us stupid questions, go question your brothers!

The scores declared that;
An independent Woman was attractive-as if attractiveness is Our sole calling in life
Regardless, We decided to boss up, make Our own, create and occupy Our seat at the table, voice Our opinions, owned Our bodies and Our narratives
The Scores got threatened “Toxic! Bitter! Barren! We hate feminists!”

The scores love to refer to themselves as body parts;
“We are the head; we are the back-bone”
We are perfectly headed individuals with proper functioning backbones
When We require your support and help- heads retreat and backbones crash
Get out please!

The scores think We don’t notice the Weakness within their battalion
Manyang thinks We do not know that he refers to Majak as a Weakling
Why? Because Majak refused to take a second wife, LMAO
Wani, in Gatwech’s opinion is a simp
Why? Because Wani gives his wife and Daughters audience, SMH
In the score lingo, a progressive man is a Weak man, a simpleton
A real man should oppress a Woman because it is in in suffering that a Woman earns respect

Anyway, the scores and their pick- mes can carry on
We’ve studied your Weapons
And if We were fazed then, We are unfazed now.