A Wail By A Fierce Woman Warrior 

My Republica, My Republica
Don’t I have to speak?
When the anxiety of equality is at war
Why do I have to be chained?
To the rock of injustice?
I look left and right and
Rebecca Anyon and Dokero Kol
Are no more
Sent to the hands of Hades by their husbands
A routine in our Republica
That leaves no one in shock 
Where’s the Anti-GBV Bill?

My Republica, my Republica
No voice, no choice
Nyalok Magorok, Abuk Lual and many others
Galloped for their last breaths
Women and girls at the Mercy
Of toxic masculinity
Oh, Akuol Agany, my sister
It is a fierce battle that needs fierce warriors
For we are exposed and exploited
Into gender-based violence
And abused in a Republica where
Unthinkable cultural norms and practices are prioritized
Where’s the Anti-GBV Bill?

My Republica, my Republica
Kifaya kifaya
What a man can do
A woman can do
Ana Ma’Mara Sakit
A better South Sudan for all
Peaceful and harmonious
All I need is a pen and slate
I want to build with you
Protect me with the law
I want to flourish just like you
We want the Anti-GBV Bill?
Where’s the Anti-GBV Bill?