I cry aloud to the creator to reverse creation,
for I want to be a rib-less being if the only rib I have is from him
Imagine God, 23 ribs mercilessly fighting one.
Maybe you should recreate him with no helper, for he seems to need NOT
Am I just a rib?

But as tiny as I am,
I have the power to stop life.
For I can’t continue giving birth to the he’s” 
that would inflict pain on my fruit’s daughters
Am I just a rib?

Ok, he defines me as just a woman,
What about the nine months I carried him in my worm?
How about the labor pain, nursing, caretaking-
wrapping him around my waist as I do chores?
Can’t I get a fair share? 
Am I just a rib?

The body that was made to be the temple of God is NOT.
It’s being raped, harassed, abused, and deprived of all her natural rights
because I’m just a rib with a Vagina.
Am I just a rib?

Dear God,
In the next life, make me she in a male form,
not for revenge, but I want to educate him
that I’m not just a rib