From mine own flesh,
I skin you.
Holding tongue between teeth,
I stifle this pain. An unlearning at a price, my reality

I console myself
that it shall be well,
it shall come to pass,
I shall persevere.
After all, don’t I breathe, yet?

From the depth of my being,
I untwine you.
Losing portions of this self,
I release me.
Unshackled at a price, my liberty.

I console myself
that though heavy
my tears shan’t fall,
my step shan’t slow,
my resolve shan’t die,
After all, doesn’t my heartbeat, yet?

From the crevices of my mind,
I exorcise you.
A ghosting long overdue,
I cauterize you.
A Revival at a price, my identity 

I remind myself
that isn’t transformation
 a baptism by fire,
a forging under pressure,
a necessary un-tainting?
After all, Aren’t my thoughts pregnant, yet?

From the corners of my spirt
I console me.
A purging of all gross and gangrened,
I heal me.
Redefining at a price, my sanity.

I forgive me,
heart, mind spirit and soul,
I realign,
I reaffirm,
I reassert.
After all, am I not still learning, yet?