Clementina Acheng Deng

Clementina Acheng Deng is a visionary, self-motivated entrepreneur, writer, and an upcoming poetess who believes that ‘we are all gifted equally’ and that through faith, hope, determinations, and patience, one can become who they want to be. She also believes that through writing, wayward ideologies can be changed to better ones. Clementina loves reading novels […]

Abuk Achuei

Abuk Achuei is a proud South Sudanese writer & feminist currently residing in so called Australia. Through literature, visual art & poetry she explores concepts of womanhood, queerness, displacement, feminism, sexuality & the many intersections & lived experiences she inhabits as a displaced person away from her county of birth. Abuk hopes to publish more […]

Ajak Ibrahim

Ajak (she/her/hers) is a post-colonial Afro-Feminist who focuses on pre-colonial sexualities and genders, the queer liberation movement and the role of women within peace and conflict. With a degree in International Relations, she currently works for Ma’Mara Sakit Village as a researcher.

Tata Diko

Tata Diko is a feminist activist, spoken word poet and an athletic. She uses her talent as an advocacy tool to critic injustices and uphold humanity. Her poetry is inspired by the untold stories that remain silent as they defy the status quo. She has performed on multiple feminist festivals and her work featured in […]

Nyandeng Kiir

Nyandeng Kiir is a lawyer and a poet passionate about social justice with focus on women, girls and sexual minorities’ rights. She’s a co-founder of Crown the Woman-South Sudan and a guarantor of Ma’Mara Sakit Village.  

Nyalony Gatwang Riak

Nyalony Gatwang Riak is a feminist activist, writer, blogger and a poet who uses her voice and platform to champion the rights of South Sudanese women and girls.

Nyajima Mut

Nyajima Mut is a singer, writer and a poet who does not only wish to inspire others but hopes to amplify the voices of other young girls in South Sudan through her writing and music.

Eva Lopa

Eva Lopa is a radio/media personality and a content creator. She hosts Gender Talk 211 and Curates South Sudan with Eva, a travel and lifestyle series exploring South Sudan’s beauty, culture and people.

Atim Caroline

Atim Caroline is a law student and the Executive Director of South Sudan Women with Disability Network. As a deaf person herself, Caroline works tirelessly for the rights of women and girls with disabilities in South Sudan. She received Voice of Courage by Women’s Refugee Commission Award, New York 2013 and also the EU Commission […]

Apuk Ayuel

Apuk Ayuel Mayen is a Poet, writer, diplomat, and social entrepreneur. She has two poetry collections – No More Betrayals and Kindred. Apuk writes on the experiences and expectations of a people and a country in transition from war to peace and introspectively on what is in between living and loving. Check out more of […]