Denied Dream

In the blink of an eye, she was born into a society where she is termed a ‘woman’, seen as a source of wealth and a servant of the entire community.
At a younger age, she is taught to behave and act as a woman and a wife, not as one who can be more than that in the community.
She grew up knowing she was nothing to the world but a servant, told not to fight for her right but to only observe and obey.

She is taken to school but, at some points, told not to choose certain courses because they are not meant for her gender. Inferiority was planted in the back of her mind.
With that Inferiority, she failed to choose her desired courses and do what she was told to do because her gender termed her girl child, always meant to come after men, a mother, and a wife, nothing but one who follows and obeys rules.

She could have been a lifesaver (doctor), pilot, engineer, great leader, or Lawyer, but she can’t because she is a girl.
Her wisdom is killed in womanhood, and her power is confined to domestic chores.
She is denied her dreams.
Her gender betrayed her Visions.