Her Voice Matters

She is not just a woman
She is a woman of vision
Who could positively contribute to the development of the world in all aspects
She carries and walks with her visions
What makes you think you are better than her?
Is it your big muscles or the trousers you are putting on?


She can also put on trousers as you do
She can go for further education like you now
What is the difference between us?
Just give me the same opportunities and see my capabilities. 

She is not just a woman
She is a woman of substance
She carried you and the whole world in her womb
God made her womb to be a peaceful world for you, and I
She fed you through her umbilical cord
She held you closer to her chest to warm you and make you stronger
She gave you life out of her pain
and made you smile again.

She is not just a woman
She is a root with many branches
She is a daughter, sister, aunt, and a mother
Out of her branches, she produces lawyers, doctors, and ambassadors
She is that beautiful human that makes up a nation
Because when you educate her, you educate the whole nation
and when you educate a nation, the world becomes a peaceful place to be called a home
She is the backbone of the country
Without her, a country won’t stand straight.

She is not just a woman
She is a powerful pole
That stands firmly, straight, and never shakes
What a man does
She does it better
But what she does
A man can never do, come rain or sunshine