I am A Woman

I gave them the right to access my womb
But their own accepts no right for me

I am a woman,
I rightfully nursed them in their
Childhood but the man in them
Denies my right.

I am a woman,
I gave them right over everything
But they denied my right to little things.
I rightfully gave my title “HER.”
To a country that despises the right of a woman.
I am told to agree with them that agree
Not to my rights and ideas. 

I am a woman,
I have ideas that, at times
Over right your ideas but your
Right, that reigns over my right
Ruin them. But I submit to
Yours for peace to reign.

Please! Before I am gone,
I deserve the rights to be treated equally with you.
I am a woman, not just a woman!
I am a woman with potential, as you do!