I am NO Woman

If woman is less man
I don’t want to be equated
For equality is NOT what I seek
And algebra seconds me
For XX and XY will never be equivalent
I seek Equity

I am NO Woman
If woman is to abide to cultures and norms that undermine her intellect, power, talent
Silencing her to a sub ordinate creature
I will not please YOU World
For setting norms that suit you at my expense
Am a Queen, Queens don’t bow

I am NO Woman
If woman is calm and conserved
Am charged and life is burning in Me
You can’t Tame Me
I roar and mark my Territory
I fight for justice till my last breathe
I will lead and Peace will Reign

I am No Woman
If woman is to fill that seat
I make seats and invite You to the table
The table of Human beings
The table that defy patriarchy
The table that tables what You keep under the table

I am No Woman
If woman is beautiful
I would rather have this horse voice if it means my voice is heard
I would rather this rough skin if it means you can’t touch me
I would rather this masculine physic if it means scaring you
I would rather this tough skin if it means never giving up to be the Woman you define for me

I am not beautiful and I am No Woman