Not A Feminist Voice

I fear him
He is always in the gym
He sings feminist like an anthem
But his eyes are an emblem of repugnance
He makes women jubilant
But away from the exoteric,
Tears flow like River Nile
He’s known to be sly
All the women are rocked with pain
Though curses are like chicken-to-an-eagle
The elderly women send them to him after a rape.

I fear him
He who still says marasakit
Yet they have fought for liberation together
He says women’s blood is worth shedding
He sees the girl child as a waste of sperm
He still thinks widows shouldn’t inherit
He hates women
I fear him
Dragon in a human body.

I fear him
He is hungry to open my legs
And bring me fatigue
I fear him
Him who is cunning. A fox he is
He who is the church pillar-box
He thinks he’s superior but preaches equality
He calls beating a woman her reality
He considers marriage as ownership
He drinks soups from the devil’s dish
He has a long spoon
I fear him

I fear him
When I try to lay in my small house,
His smell,
That irritating perfume
All gets fresh and real
It returns to my memory every night
His boxers, how they heavily landed on me!
His belt that is always ready for malicious whipping
I would lay on the floor hopeless
Hands tied behind my back and mouth closed
I still remember his malevolent sense of purpose
I fear him

I fear him
He calls domestic violence family matters
He rapes elderly women
He loots from street children
He steals from the refugees
He leaves women bleeding
He promised my mother heaven on earth
But gave her horror
I will live to fight this fear for him