Stand up woman and rise
Go on and speak about that rape
Cry, shout if it will heal!!!
Remember child to pull together
Rise and get the curves back
Stand up and stop being a slave to your thoughts 

Cuŋ rɔ ma jiɛc rɔ
Jakni rɔ a la buay rɛy muɔth
Ma ɛjin bööth cuŋä
ɛ jin thir maalä kɛnɛ ciaŋ ɛ lɔr
liŋ mɛ
dit nhial la pɛn juät kiɛn kä bi kɛ lɛni pär jak ni rɔ ka lony
mær ni ma 

Stand up woman and rise to;
The Twitter of the birds
The gentle wave songs by the ocean The calm breeze offered by nature In this silence you can hear grass grow So stand up woman and rise Stand up woman and rise

Raise not your vocal but purpose
Let the dawn bring you peace.
Every scar has a story
Fix not thee house Stand up woman and rise Be the moonlight in your dark moments Woman you are a warrior for justice You are steel for freedom of broken peace Birds break wings but still heal
Bring out the lion in you and roar