When I Die

In someone’s absence one realizes the true intention of those who claim closeness and love. Death has a way of revealing by its power of omission people’s reality because after all, you are not here to check them.
In its powerful grip, one is frozen in silence as friend and foe, interpret as they choose, retain, and recollect moments as they choose and, in some instances, alter your past in your imposed silence.

So, we pretend, right now that you are here. We pretended knowing fully well that when
you are gone things won’t be the same. For those who build on the back of others with no sense of shame, death is just another steppingstone.
One wonders; what their own situation will be; 

When I die
Allow my freed spirit be
Let me Rest In Peace
When I die
Don’t hold me down
Mourning shallow hearts
Cries from daggering tongues

When I die,
No teary obituaries
Make belief memoirs 
No Maybes and could be’s, 
Let die and let God

When I die;
Don’t trouble my dear one’s hearts
With stories of my preciousness
These dear are few,
Who hold, 
Who’ve held, 
Whom I hold 
We can’t fool the universe
Although fool we try

When I die
Don’t apologize for not being there
Don’t regret the calls not made
Tomorrow’s that never came 

When I die;
Leave not behind your scorn
Come colored and adorned
To the place of my wake
Masked in propitiation
Nail to coffin
Dusty goodbyes
And a final tongue lash
When I die