When I Die

And one day I will die
I will not feel this fresh calm air I will not feel pain again I will not hear nor make sound I will not see nor smell a thing My body won’t move an inch

All the crawling, jumping, running will be off
I will be laid down in a grave
Inside a maroon coffin with white roses around it.
I want the first stone to be thrown by a pure soul
I want to be buried with my pen and a piece of paper, It shall be a start of yet another life.
I want to be buried next to orphans, widows, street wanders.
I need to tell them this world is fair too so that their souls can forgive

I want poems to be recited that day and the theme is love, I want songs to be sang, dances to be created.
All this in the place my body will be prayed for. I promise to purify the world.

No one should bring flowers for the sake
No one should cry for the sake
No one should pretend to pray for the sake I promise no rest to the liars.