When I See A Woman

I see a mother of nations,
A mother that nurses Kings and Queens.
I see a caretaker, a babysitter,
I see one in a million works
I see a pillar of the family
I see a pole that holds roofs to the wall
I see a door that provides security to the family.

When I see a woman!
I see her that goes to market and remains
Home guiding her kids in thoughts.
I see her that gets lost in thoughts when
She left the house of how her kids will be
Safe in her absence.
I see her who can willingly give up her life to save her children’s life.

When I see a woman!
I see a doctor that diagnosed diseases
Without diagnosing machines.
I see her forsake her happiness.
For her kids, who at times turn their backs on her.
I see her even though white as snow will never leave
Her dirty child crying to protect her dress.

When I see a woman!
I see a thinker and a planner whose plans
Never runs void. She sets a brighter future for
Them even though she never had one.
I see one who never compares herself with her kids.
She’s poor but praying that her kids
Goes beyond poverty boundaries.

When I see a woman!
I see her, whom the community termed
 “Just a woman,” but she is more than that.
I see her whose ideas are mostly ignored because
They believed a “woman” is nothing compare
To a man. But she is the best “human being.”
I have ever known.

“I salute a woman.”
I am proud to be a woman!
I am not just a woman.
But a “woman.”