A Woman!!!

Beautiful and kind-hearted,She serves with all herselfCompassionate, caring andDiligent in her waysShe wakes up early morningTo ensure her Husband, ChildrenAnd all under her care are looked after. A woman!!! Generally termed as the weaker humanBut the most powerful being on earthWith her, a house is built and termed homeFor she’s the pole that holds the […]

Her Voice Matters

She is not just a womanShe is a woman of visionWho could positively contribute to the development of the world in all aspectsShe carries and walks with her visionsWhat makes you think you are better than her?Is it your big muscles or the trousers you are putting on? Nooo  She can also put on trousers […]

Was I Born To Suffer?

At the age of eleven, when I could not count eleven,My parents forced me to get married to a man I never wantedor else threatened to take me to heaven. Pregnancy at eleven became a heavy burden.Why are you abusing me, taking away my rights?Was I born to suffer?

A Wail By A Fierce Woman Warrior 

My Republica, My RepublicaDon’t I have to speak?When the anxiety of equality is at warWhy?Why do I have to be chained?To the rock of injustice?I look left and right andRebecca Anyon and Dokero KolAre no moreSent to the hands of Hades by their husbandsA routine in our RepublicaThat leaves no one in shock Where’s the Anti-GBV […]

A Junubia Girl

She dreams beyondBut maturity sets in before nature wantsShe does not hold a pen for longFor she is forced to have a baby first. My heart bleeds severely for Junubia girlsThat has been sealed into cultural normsForced to wear a wedding dress firstBefore a school uniform. The Suffering of a Junubia GirlIs beyond descriptionShe does […]

Free The Girl Child

Free the girl childLike any other human beingRespect herLike any other childGive her full rights,The rights to education, protection, and self-expression. Free the girl childAnd give her wings to flyFor she is the backbone of the country and a homeWithout her presenceEverything is incomplete. Free the girl childShe is not a retail good nor a […]

Denied Dream

In the blink of an eye, she was born into a society where she is termed a ‘woman’, seen as a source of wealth and a servant of the entire community.At a younger age, she is taught to behave and act as a woman and a wife, not as one who can be more than that in the community.She grew up knowing she was nothing to the world […]

Ana Ma’ Mara Sakit

Am the pasture that the country grazed on,My pastures are so nutritious that the bornWhich misses them dries up. I am not just a woman,I am the pillar of the community.The poles that hold the roofs to theWall of a house. I am not just a woman,Without me, linages are cut off,Community existencesWill be no […]

I am A Woman

I gave them the right to access my wombBut their own accepts no right for me I am a woman,I rightfully nursed them in theirChildhood but the man in themDenies my right. I am a woman,I gave them right over everythingBut they denied my right to little things.I rightfully gave my title “HER.”To a country […]

When I See A Woman

I see a mother of nations,A mother that nurses Kings and Queens.I see a caretaker, a babysitter,I see one in a million worksI see a pillar of the familyI see a pole that holds roofs to the wallI see a door that provides security to the family. When I see a woman!I see her that […]